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We are driven to create ultimate performance technology and experiences. Founded and led by Christian von Koenigsegg, the company is renowned for its world-class engineering and innovation
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Koenigsegg is a Swedish avant-garde Megacar and innovative technology company. A record-breaking tradition courses through our history – the result of pushing the boundaries of automotive technology to achieve higher standards in ultimate performance.

The extreme power and aerodynamic design of our cars are all globally homologated. Our customer-first approach is a driving factor to comply with all global safety, emissions, and noise regulations despite our bespoke and low volume production.

Rare opportunity to impact a growing company

Long track record of success and profitability

Work alongside world-class talent

Engaging and sharing work environment

Flexible work schedules + Culture of collaboration

Quick decision making, flat hierarchy

Open Positions

Is there no announced job that suits you, or would you like to apply for an internship or thesis work? Please feel free to register an open application, which will be matched to our needs and opportunities.

We are situated in the quiet town of Ängelholm, Sweden and occupy revamped hangers that were formerly home to the oldest and most legendary Swedish fighter jet squadrons, from back in the 1930’s – the Ghost Squadron. They had a mantra, ‘The Show Must Go On’ which we have adopted, to allow the ghost to live on through our cars. It continues to inspire the company to this day. Right outside our facilities, we have our very own test track proving ground that used to be a fighter jet runway with its surrounding infrastructure. We use this proving ground to run rigorous tests on all our cars.

We pride ourselves in the vertically integrated in-house development. There is a strong link between the ability of our cars, our proving ground and the fact that we holistically develop, design, engineer and test nearly everything in-house,. These allow us to innovate at a startling pace and to own our proprietary groundbreaking technology.


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